As individuals, we design, we build, we service and we learn.  But as a team we ride, we race, we support and we party with the common goal of sharing an experience.


We are Trusty Switchblade.  Roll with us.



Erika Miranda, Trusty Switchblade brand founder, CX, XC and Short-Track

Jason Miranda, Trusty Switchblade brand founder, CX, XC, Short-Track and Gravel

Ben Guernsey, Trusty Switchblade team founder, CX, Road and Gravel

Abe Freeman, Race Veteran/Trusty OG

Aunika Miranda, CX and Short Track

Billy Holcomb, Trusty Board Member, CX, Road and Track

Brad Pfeiffer, CX, Road and XC

Brent Wallace, CX and XC

Bruce Siefker, CX and Gravel

Cara VanGorder-Lasof, CX, XC and Short-Track

Dave Condon, CX, XC, Road and Short-Track

Doug Sproston, CX, Road and Gravel

Erik Borghoff, CX, Road and Gravel

Gabe Linn, CX, XC, Road and Short-Track

Holly Pfeiffer, CX, XC and Road

Jake Tong, CX

Jason Bacon, CX, XC, Short-Track

Jeremiah Williams, Trusty Board Member/Managing Editor, CX, XC, Short-Track and Gravel

Kevin Phomma, CX, Road and Gravel

Matt Savage, Trusty Board Member, CX, XC, Downhill, Short-Track and Gravel

Ryan OConnell, CX and XC

Tyler Fought, CX, XC, Road and Gravel

Will Hawkins (Sonny), CX, Road and Gravel

Amy Seymour, CX, Short Track, Enduro

Bennett Shane, Road and Gravel

Brandon Whalen, CX and Road

Cullen Bryant Guinn, Road, CX

Craig DeAmbrose, CX

Danny Lopez, CX, Road, XC

David Krause, CX and XC

Elijah Krause, CX and XC

Erik Borghoff, CX, XC and Road

Hazel Gross, CX

Jordan Slone, CX and Road

Josh Spivey, CX

Katrina Voutilainen, CX and XC

Leah Pfeiffer, CX

Marek Litinsky, CX, XC, Road, Short-Track and Gravel

Nate Gibson, CX, XC, Road, Short-Track 

Ryan Morgan, CX and Road

Sharon Anderson, CX and Enduro




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